About Us

Wendy Ponka is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters.  She began her court reporting career in British Columbia, Canada in 1975, and relocated to Ontario, Canada in 1990.  Throughout her career, she has experienced transitions in court reporting methods including Pitman shorthand, reel-to-reel recording, cassette recording, the stenomask, voice-writing, and digital recording.

Later in her career, Wendy has provided training and mentoring to court reporters and legal transcriptionists.  Ponka Verbatim Reporting Services, a full-service court reporting and legal transcription firm, was established in 2007.

Because of her commitment and dedication to the profession, she has many years of professional experience in all levels of courts, tribunals, arbitrations, inquests, examinations, depositions, disciplinary hearings, examinations under oath, and legal transcription.  She assisted in the development of the “Civil Procedures Manual” and the “Criminal Procedures Manual” for use in courthouses throughout the Province of Ontario.

Wendy has served on the Boards of the following professional court reporting associations:

She was Faculty at Centennial College’s School of Business in Toronto, delivering instruction and providing curriculum development in the following courses of the Court Support Services Program:  Court Monitor (Digital Court Reporter), Superior Court Registrar – Civil/Criminal, Ethics and Professional Conduct, Machine Transcription, Introduction to Word Processing, and Communications.

Raising the standards of court reporting has always been her passion.  She welcomes your questions and comments.  Email her at  w.ponka@iitcr.com.

Jorma Ponka

 Jorma Ponka, P. Eng. (Ontario)  is our IT advisor.  He obtained his B.A.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in 1972.   Also he assists in the development of programming and supervises all technical facets of the IITCR.  Currently Jorma is Faculty at Connestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario delivering instruction in a variety of subjects in the Engineering Department.

Kimberly Willey

Kimberly Willey is the head of the Administration and Registration Departments at the International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters.  Feel free to email your questions to info@iitcr.com.  Every effort will be made to respond within 24 hours of receipt of your email.

John Fletcher

John Fletcher joined IITCR in 2011.  John is in charge of marking all transcription assignments, entering scores on the online report card, and ensuring students receive feedback. He is also the web developer for the IITCR. To contact John directly, please email j.fletcher@iitcr.com.