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Comments by our students

The Legal Transcriptionist course was attractive to me as I’m a stay-at-home mom looking to make some income.  My typing skills weren’t the best when I started, but Wendy’s encouragement and assistance along the way really helped a lot.  Thank you so very much!  I am so excited to be completed the training.  I really enjoyed the course.  It was full of challenges, but challenges I enjoyed and learned a lot from.  I’m now pursing my formal professional designation and am taking the Prepare to Pass courses.  I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to earn extra income while at home raising children.  A.C.

When I registered for the Digital Court Reporter course, I had no idea how much I would learn.  Having had some experience as an administrative assistant in a law firm, I thought I would attempt a career change and train for something I’d always wanted to do – be a court reporter!  Well, the course was interesting and a lot of fun.  The transcription assignments were very interesting and relevant to the position of court reporter.  Now, looking back, I can honestly say this was one of the best training courses I have ever taken.  Within a couple of weeks I was hired at a large court reporting firm and am enjoying this work tremendously.  I would highly recommend this school and its courses to anyone who is looking for something that will give you the opportunity to be challenged and pave the way to a great career choice!  M.J.

The Legal Transcriptionist course is absolutely awesome.  I completed it in six short weeks and was hired even before I graduated.  I found Wendy to be a very encouraging instructor, helping and guiding me along the way.  She is clearly an expert in the field of court reporting and legal transcription.  Anyone looking to find work from home should seriously consider this school and it’s courses.  I have my formal Certificate of Completion hanging on my wall and am in the midst of preparing for my professional designation.  The Prepare to Pass courses are excellent and I’ll be writing my certification exams soon.  I’m so glad I choose the IITCR and it’s Legal Transcription course.  It’s really given me a new passion in life and I’m working in the comfort of my own home.  I do not hesitate in recommending IITCR to anyone.  R.C.

I have recently completed the digital court reporting course with IITCR.  I enjoyed the course tremendously.  I have now signed up for the prepare to pass courses offered by IITCR in preparation for certification.  My only regret is not having pursued this career earlier in my life!  With the support of my teacher, Wendy, I was able to find employment upon completion of the course.  The IITCR has stood by their mission statement and it is for this reason that I would highly recommend the school to individuals wishing to pursue a career in digital court reporting.  T.N.

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Legal Transcriptionist course online with the IITCR.  I am truly happy that I found them two months ago and I strongly recommend their courses.  I believe that the tests and transcription assignments were on point.  The few questions that I had, Wendy Ponka got back to me in record time.  I completed the course in six weeks to be exact and now I am on my way to seeking employment.  Keep up the good work, Wendy.  Well done.  S.L.
Update:  I was hired within days of sending in this recommendation.  Great school, great job placement assistance!

Wendy made the Legal Transcriptionist course informative and enjoyable, all in a manageable time frame. I was placed quickly with a private court reporting firm and have begun a new and exciting career! S.H.

Prior to enrolling with IITCR, I was apprehensive about taking an online course. I felt that I was the type of person who would feel more comfortable with the presence of a teacher in a classroom setting while being educated. IITCR has proven to me that they provide clear and detailed online courses. Furthermore, IITCR provides the support of a teacher who supplies effective and definitive responses to any of my questions in a timely manner. I am delighted that I have chosen IITCR in order to pursue a career in digital court reporting. To anyone considering this career, I would not hesitate to recommend IITCR. T.C.

The Legal Transcriptionist course equipped me to take an assignment as a digital transcriber with an assurance that I was ready for work in this field. It was good to be able to do the studies at my own pace and to be able to review my test results to understand where my weak points were. With the job placement assistance provided, I found employment quickly after graduating. V.F.

The IITCR is a comprehensive and effective program for anyone considering a career in the field of Legal Transcription. The course format is easy to follow and allows you to learn at your own pace and review the material as much as you need to to really comprehend what you are learning. The quizzes, exams and assignments are great tools to gauge your comprehension and practically apply the information being learned. It is a great investment for anyone considering a career in this field. Upon graduation, I began working immediately. I love my new career! S.S.

I found the Digital Court Reporter course very informative. As a stay-at-home mom for 11 years, I was apprehensive about taking an online course. However, I found the lessons were easy to understand and the quizzes really helped with me being able to grasp the material taught. I really enjoyed the dictation/transcription portion of the course. Upon graduation, I began working for a court reporting firm and am loving the flexibility freelance court reporting brings to my life – not to mention the fantastic money! I would highly recommend the IITCR to anyone interested in becoming a Court Reporter. B.B.