Refund and Withdrawal Policy

If you withdraw during the early part of a course, you may be eligible for a refund of a portion of your tuition.

Should a student’s enrollment be terminated or cancelled for any reason, all refunds are made according to the following refund policy:

  1. Cancellation must be made by either:  1) electronic mail (with confirmation of receipt – read receipt) sent to, or 2) in writing and sent by certified mail (with signature required) to the International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters, Registration Department, P.O. Box 161, Milton, Ontario, Canada  L9T 4N9.
  2. All monies are refunded if the IITCR does not accept the applicant.
  3. Cancellation before a student completes the first Module and within the first 10 days of registration, results in a refund of all monies paid, except the non-refundable amount noted on the Tuition Information page.
  4. Cancellation after the course has begun, but prior to 40% completion of the course within the prescribed time (40% = 4 weeks after the date the student registered), will result in a Pro-Rata refund computed on the number of Modules completed to the total course Modules.   IITCR’s Pro-Rata Refund computation is 15% debit per Module completed.  For instance, if a student completes 3 Modules in the first 3 weeks, the student will be reimbursed 55% of the tuition paid minus the non-refundable amount listed on the Tuition Information page.
  5. Cancellation after completing 40% of the course, or if 4 weeks has transpired since the student registered for the course, will result in no refund.*
  6. Termination Date:  in calculating the refund due to a student, the date of receipt of email notification or certified mail notification (see #1 above) by the student is used in the calculation.
  7. Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination of students’ enrollment upon receipt of the Cancellation/Withdrawal Notice from the student made by electronic mail (with confirmation of receipt – read receipt) or certified mail with signature required.

*Students who require a lengthy absence from the course (5 days or longer) must contact their instructor in writing (via email) and receive written approval.