Tuition Information

How do IITCR’s Tuition Prices Compare?

University and college courses are not the same as a career-based training institution such as the International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters.  Universities and colleges prepare you for academia and theory, some courses and programs take years to complete, while the IITCR prepares you for practical real-world job experience in weeks, not years.  Keep in mind that our courses are simply not available at a traditional university or college.  University and college tuitions can add up to thousands of dollars.

Compare that to our tuition!

Finally, there are no hidden fees at the IITCR.  The tuition price you see is the tuition price you pay, unlike some universities and colleges which have hidden costs such as books, transportation, housing, and registration fees.

Course fees vary and are in the table below.  Students may pay fees by check/cheque, money order, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.  Cheques/checks and money orders should be made payable to The International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters.

All tuition is stated in Canadian dollars.

Course   Tuition Non-Refundable Portion
 Digital Court Reporter  $ 995  $ 500
 Legal Transcriptionist  $ 695  $ 350
 Condensed Digital Court Reporter**  $ 499  $ 300
 Professional Ethics  $  19.95  $  19.95
 Prepare to Pass – Digital Court Reporterall 4*
 $ 250*  $ 150
 PTP 101R (Passing Grade 65%)  $  75  $  75
 PTP 102R (Passing Grade 75%)  $  75  $  75
 PTP 103R (Passing Grade 85%)  $  75  $  75
 PTP 104R (Passing Grade 95%)  $  75  $  75
 Prepare to Pass – Legal Transcriptionistall 4*
 $ 250*  $ 150
 PTP 101T (Passing Grade 65%)  $  75  $  75
 PTP 102T (Passing Grade 75%)  $  75  $  75
 PTP 103T (Passing Grade 85%)  $  75  $  75
 PTP 104T (Passing Grade 95%)  $  75  $  75
FTW  $150  $150


* Students must register and pay for all four Prepare to Pass courses at once.  Call the Registration Office (1-888-964-4827) to receive a special discount code before registering.

**The Condensed Digital Court Reporter Course is designed specifically for persons already engaged in the court reporting/transcribing field.

Tuition Fees above are listed as a one-time lump sum payment and include all taxes.

To assist our students we offer partial payment options.

The International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters offers flexible payment plans for students.   For this option, you will not register online but must contact our Registration Department 1-888-964-4827 in order to register.

For example, if a student wishes to take advantage of the payment option for the Legal Transcriptionist course, students pay the $350 non-refundable portion of the tuition upon registration and may pay the remainder over the course of 6 weeks.  For this option, you will not register online but must contact our Registration Department at 1-888-964-4827 in order to register.
Our payment options can be modified and customized to a student’s personal situation.  Call our Registration Department for more information.

Tuition Fees are all-inclusive.  We reserve the right to make changes to the regulations and fees.  Fee changes affect only new applicants.  The non-refundable portion is applied to your tuition and is not a registration fee over and above tuition.

Payment Options

As indicated, payment can be made conveniently by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, cheques/checks or money orders.  There are also avenues for possible funding as students may want to look into private loans (through your own bank or credit union) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).  In some regions, grants and loans at a reduced rate can be obtained by students through government agencies and initiatives.  We also offer payment options as listed above.  Call our Registration Department for more information – 1-888-964-4827.

Tax Benefits

Since the IITCR’s courses consist of tuition, and because the computer hardware and software are necessary to complete the courses, there may be some tax benefits available to you as an individual or as a business owner, depending on your personal tax situation.  We recommend consulting with your own financial adviser to determine the optimum tax benefit.

Refunds and Withdrawal Policy

Please see important information under out Refunds and Withdrawal Policy Tab.